Family Planning

Our personal financial planning practice is designed to move you closer to your full financial potential. We provide a unique opportunity to for individuals, business owners and high-net-worth families to have an independent review of their current financial strategy. We provide a goals -based approach to our process allowing you to test your financial strategy in a variety of scenarios. We offer alternative planning methods to help achieve goals more effectively, more tax efficiently and with less risk. Our estate planning and wealth transfer strategies are designed to help transition what you want, to who you want, how you want, with the fewest barriers or taxes possible.


Retirement Planning

Combining savings and investment strategies, we can help you plan for a rewarding retirement ahead. Most importantly, having a fluid plan in place; one that adjustments as needed and remains focused on your goals. It’s never too early or too late to start saving.

At Bedrock Wealth Strategies, we work closely with you to develop a retirement plan that addresses your unique lifestyle goals, potential needs and retirement objectives.  No matter where you are in your life and career, our tools and experience can help you create a retirement plan that reflects the way you love to live.

Estate Planning

There is never an easy time to start thinking about estate planning. Without a plan in place, your state laws dictate how your assets will be divided, leaving your family to wait while the government sorts out your affairs. An estate plan is the most powerful way to ensure that your estate transfers to whom you want-- the way you want-- when you want-- with the least hardship to your heirs. You can always adjust your plan if needed, but without one in place, the well-being of your family and your estate may be uncertain.

At Bedrock Wealth Strategies, we work closely with you to create or revise an estate plan that can protect your beneficiaries and assets, reflects your values, clearly communicates your wishes and any potential concerns. Have a trusted attorney you are already working with? We can work alongside your attorney to ensure your financial plans are in line with your legal plans.