Our Process

A well thought out financial plan opens life’s possibilities. From securing your every-day needs to making your education, growth, and enjoyment possible, a solid plan offers stability and opportunity. As your financial advisors, we help you to build a rock-solid plan for your finances.

By exploring situations, you haven’t considered, we delve deep into your financial plan. We crystalize your goals and aspirations and then work together to make them a reality. The primary goal: to be doing what you enjoy, supporting the people you love most, focusing on your business and leaving a legacy that inspires warm memories and gratitude.

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Ongoing and Comprehensive Planning Services

Our Technology: Personal Financial View( PFV)

Personal Financial View (PFV) is a comprehensive way to aggregate all of your financial information in one secure website, enabling all the components of your wealth to work together more efficiently and effectively to help meet your many goals.


Connect all your accounts and information for an organized consolidated view. You’ll have access to up-to-date information from all of the financial institutions you work with including banking accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, mutual fund holdings, and insurance policies. You will also have your own on-line vault which allows you to digitize and store important documents such as wills and trusts for quick and easy access.


You’ll have a number of analytical capabilities that we can use to do comprehensive financial planning as well as advanced tools to analyze specific situations or opportunities. It also includes budgeting tools to help you maximize your savings goals.


PFV offers a menu of interactive charts and detailed reports of your holdings enabling you to easily monitor your investments. It also provides a tracking tool to know how much you’re spending and where your money is going.


The PFV Education Center includes videos, articles and other resources to increase your financial knowledge. There are also on-line workshops on a wide range of topics.


TouchPoint enables you to receive important business and personal messages on your PFV site from our team as well as your other advisors.