Thinking About Leaving Big Tech

In recent years, I’ve noticed a trend of employees wanting to leave big tech companies (i.e. Facebook/Meta, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Google, Salesforce, etc.). These prestigious companies pay well, offer company stock, and provide great benefits. So why are people leaving?



While there are many factors at play, here are some common reasons why my clients have left big tech;

1) Lack of Impact:

Despite the allure of these established brands, I’ve noticed some employees are finding themselves dissatisfied with their roles. Due to the size and hierarchical nature of these companies, many employees feel like a small cog in a large machine. They often feel like their skills are not being fully utilized or that their contributions are not having a meaningful impact, which can lead to a desire to seek more fulfilling opportunities elsewhere.

2) Lack of Job Security:

While these tech behemoths are undoubtedly successful, they are not immune to economic downturns and market fluctuations. Mass layoffs in big tech have been well-documented in recent years, with X and Meta recently laying off 80% and 13% of their workforce, respectively. These layoffs have created an environment of uncertainty, leading employees to explore more stable job opportunities.

3) Lack of Excitement

Not just anyone can get a “Rock Star” job at a big tech company. They seek out top talent and lure them in with great compensation packages with long term benefits that vest over time. However, once in the door, professionals often find that the slow pace of change and navigating the corporate bureaucracy are more discouraging than they had expected. I’ve had clients who left the start-up world to go to big tech only to find that they felt stifled. They yearned for the day-to-day challenges of a smaller, more nimble organization.

4) Ready to Pursue a Passion

I’ve also noticed professionals leaving FAANG-like companies to pursue their passion. Working at a large corporation often means adhering to established procedures, which can stunt innovation and creativity. As a result, individuals with entrepreneurial aspirations are choosing to leave and start their own businesses or join startups where they can have a greater impact.

5) Lack of Work-Life Balance

As previously mentioned, these big tech companies are known for offering competitive compensation packages and benefits. While that gets brilliant people in the door, some employees realize that money and benefits shouldn't come at the expense of their mental, physical, spiritual, and social health. Factors such as, work environment, company culture, and personal development opportunities also significantly contribute to overall happiness. While many of these big tech giants pride themselves on offering enjoyable workspaces, many professionals feel like work consumes their life


At Bedrock Wealth Strategies, we help entrepreneurial-minded people understand where they are today and help them create a roadmap to achieve their goals over time. When we’re planning for someone who is considering leaving big tech, we lay out their options in a practical way to help them understand what they have or may be leaving on the table. We’ve helped our clients understand that by staying at their big tech job for a few more years they could leave in their 30’s or 40’s and still have enough money to pursue their passion projects, start new businesses, retire early, etc. The advantage of working with us is that we get it. We provide an unbiased evaluation and support you in making it happen.

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